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【SSID】---aprs数据中,呼号后带的数字是什么意思?例如BG6QBV-9?  发帖心情 Post By:2011/9/13 21:52:39 [只看该作者]




-0 家庭电台和运行因特网网关的家庭电台(通常家庭电台不使用SSID)
-1 数字中继,运行RELAY中继的家庭电台和气象数字中继台
-2 UHF数字中继
-3 独立的VHF数字中继,例如架设在山上
-4 HF到VHF网关
-5 因特网网关(非家庭电台)
-6 用于卫星操作
-7 建伍TH-D7等手持便携APRS电台
-8 用于船、帆船和舰船等
-9 用于移动
-10 用于只使用Internet的操作
-11 用于APRS touch-tone用户(偶尔用于气球)
-12 便携单元,例如笔记本电脑、野营地等
-14 用于卡车移动操作
-15 用于HF


APRS SSID Recommendations                                  6 Feb 2012

Updated 6 Feb  2012 to clarify the title of this document to be
                    SSID RECOMMENDATIONS not to imply any kind of 
                    decoding "standard".  That original NMEA
                    decodign standard is covered in the original spec
Updated 9 June 2010 for more flexibility using 1,2,3,4 and 15
Revised 2 June 2004 to add -10, -11, 12 and -15

SSID's have seen two different uses in APRS.  Initially as an ICON
indicator back in the early 1990's.  But that is obsolete for over
a decade.  Now SSID's are used as an informal way of indicating one 
of several different typical APRS applications.

Since many small displays for the handheld and mobile operator show
nearby APRS station callsigns that flash up on the screen, it is nice
to have some idea of what type of station or activity might be 
involved simply from the callsign SSID without having to push 
buttons, search lists, or look at maps to find out more about them.  

SSID RECOMMENDATIONS:  It is very convenient to other mobile 
operators or others looking at callsigns flashing by, to be able to 
recognize some common applications at a glance.  Here are the 
recommendations for the 16 possible SSID's (the limit of 16 comes 
from the 4 bits available in the AX.25 protocol.  Note, The SSID of 
zero is dropped by most display applications.  So a callsign with no 
SSID has an SSID of 0.

-0 Your primary station usually fixed and message capable
-1 generic additional station, digi, mobile, wx, etc
-2 generic additional station, digi, mobile, wx, etc
-3 generic additional station, digi, mobile, wx, etc
-4 generic additional station, digi, mobile, wx, etc
-5 Other networks (Dstar, Iphones, Androids, Blackberry's etc)
-6 Special activity, Satellite ops, camping or 6 meters, etc
-7 walkie talkies, HT's or other human portable
-8 boats, sailboats, RV's or second main mobile
-9 Primary Mobile (usually message capable)
-10 internet, Igates, echolink, winlink, AVRS, APRN, etc
-11 balloons, aircraft, spacecraft, etc
-12 APRStt, DTMF, RFID, devices, one-way trackers*, etc
-13 Weather stations
-14 Truckers or generally full time drivers
-15 generic additional station, digi, mobile, wx, etc

* One-way trackers should best use the -12 one-way SSID indicator
because the -9's usually mean a ham in full APRS communication
both message and voice.  The -9's can be contacted by APRS message
or by Voice on his frequency included in his beacon, or on Voice
Alert if he is in simplex range.  The -12's are just moving Icons
on the map and since they have no 2 way communication for ham radio
they are not generally of routine interest to other operators.

OBJECTS or INTERNET:  In addition, Objects or internet generated 
stations can have any SSID, not just the original 16, since 
Objects are not constrained by the AX.25 header and can have a 
9 byte name.  Here are some common OBJECT/Internet SSID's:

-63 for PSK63 HF stations
-tt for APRS TouchTone users (DTMF)
-ID for RFID
-A through -Z for Dstar

SSID BACKGROUND:  Originally, in 1992, we had to use the SSID as 
a way of indicating the type of station that transmitted a raw 
NMEA-0183 GPS sting.  But in the mid 1990's we began indicating 
any of the nearly 200 APRS symbols by the setting of the AX.25 
TOCALL of "GPSxyz".  The "xyz" characters define the symbol from 
the standard APRS symbol table www.aprs.org/symbols.html.

The GPSxyz concept worked so well, the original SSID associations 
are no longer a required part of the spec.  But the conventions
that evolved from those early SSID's are still encouraged as 
noted above, for easy recognition of station type or activity by 
when only the callsign is seen.

The -1, -2, -3, -4 and -15 are kept generic so that anyone with
as many as 6 digipeaters, or 6 trackers or 6 weather stations or
6 vehicles can still have unique SSID's for each of his stations.
Beyond 6, people will just have to use any SSID that suits their
fancy.  In some areas there might be 15 digipeaters all under
one guy's call!

SSID USAGE:  The SSID's also might give a hint as to how someone 
is getting into APRS whether via satellite, a one-way tracker, a 
mobile, an HT or even via DTMF or an RFID device or whether he is 
doing something special.

For example, if you are doing something special, change your 
SSID to -6 to alert others to your excitement, or to make the
track-history begin and end on site, and not be tied to all 
your other -9 travels.  Or use -6 SSID for a packet sent 
via the ISS or APRS satellite or for a 6 meter test so the
successful packet is preserved and not overwritten by the same
radio the next time you use it not via the ISS on the 144.39 
national channel.  By using separate SSID's the WEB data bases 
will keep statistics and data separate from when you are working 
normally on other bands with other SSID's.

So stick to the suggestions above for the obvious applications 
where you can.  Of course these are not rigid.  If you have 
more than 6 digipeaters, use any SSID you want.  These are only 
guidelines to hint at a station's possible application when all  
you can see easily is the callsign on a screen or in a list....

de WB4APR, Bob


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